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The Academy

skolanProflight is located 70 km northeast of Stockholm. Here we have very briliant possibilities for pilot training. We have our own helipad and heliport right next to Mellingeholms airstrip.  The nearness to a variety of both large and smaller airports and airstrips togheter with the number of locations we have access to like Arlanda, Bromma, Gavellångsjön, Hallstavik, Uppsala, Gävle makes the education very complete and gives lasting value.


If you are in need of vacancy we have stay overnight possibilities both i the hangar and in closeby youth hostels. In Norrtälje there is also two larger hotels.

fflIf you want to complete or perform your Proflight training in the northern parts of Sweden we have education in Piteå as well in collaboration with Kallaxflyg.

If you need simulatortraining we provide it in SAS Flight Academy outside Arlanda airport. The training takes place in their Full Flight Helicopter Simulator.


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